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Izatnagar workshop was established in the year 1913 for repair and maintenance of MG steam locos. POH of MG coaches and wagons was started in 1923. To improve the infrastructure for meeting the POH arising of reorganised North Eastern Railway, remodelling of the workshop was done during 1955-60 at a cost of Rs.1.86 Crore.

The workshop has undertaken manufacture of MG steam cranes and MG diesel cranes also. MG steam loco POH was phased out from this workshop in 1985. After isolation of MG network of N.E. Railway from Southern and Western Railway, on account of gauge conversion, POH of MG diesel locos was started in this workshop in August 1998. POH of MG AC coaches was also started by the workshop from September 2001 when MG activity was closed at Gorakhpur. POH of MG Rail Bus and 35 Ton MG steam crane was started in April 2001 and February 2004 respectively. Recently Railway Board has given sanction for developing POH facilities of 50 numbers of BG coaches under the works programme for 2007-08 .


Total Area of Workshops 45.57 Hectare Covered Area 7.2 Hectare
Total MG track length 12 Km
Total length of Road in side Workshop 6.75 Km
Stand Bye Power House Installated capacity 920 KW
Stand Bye Power House Installated capacity 920 KW
Installed pneumatic power supply 30.4 Cubic M.per minute
Average Power Consumption per month 179013 KWHr.
Average water Consumption per month 44489 KL